Equipment List

Studio A

Sound Workshop Series 34 28 channel Mixing Console
Mackie HR824 High Resolution Studio Monitors
MOTU 2408 mk3
3x Tascam DA 88 Units
3M 78 24 Track Recorder
Lucid Genx192 Word Clock
3x Berhinger Composer Pro Dual Compressor units
2x Universal Audio 1176 Limiters
Orban/Parasound Parametric Equalizer
Orban/ Parasound Stereo Synthesizer
Art Digital MPA Two Channel Tube Pre Amp
T.C. Electronics Finalizer
Alesis DM5 Drum Module
Deltalab Effectron Digital Delay
Korg NS5R
Korg DSM 1 Digital Sampling Synthesizer Module
AIWA Stereo Cassette Deck
Proteus FX
Alesis NanoVerb
Alesis NanoPiano
Alesis NanoCompressor
Symentrix Voice Processor
Lexicon Reverb
Frontier Alphatrack
2x Disk Clone Drive
Crown DC 300a Amplifier
Crown D150 Amplifier
Alesis RA 100 Amplifier

Sonar x2
Pro Tools 11
Sony Vegas Pro
Sony Sound Forge
Photoshop Ce
Waves Full Plugin Package


5x RE 20
4x KM84
3x Electrovoice N/D457A
3x Neumann U87
2x Beyer Dynamic
2x MXL 603
2x AKG CE 1
2x MXL 2000
2x Se. Electronics SE 1
AKG 414
Shure SM7
Audio Technica AT 4033
Audix D4
AKG Perception 100
Electrovoice PL 35 Drum Mics

Instruments / Amps

K. Kawai 7 Foot Grand Piano
Hammond Spinnit with B3 tone generator
Studiologic SL880 Pro Midi Contoller
Fender Princeton Reverb Amp
Fender Champ Amp
Ampex Portoflex Bass Amp
Yamaha Power V Drum Kit
Paiste 2002 Hi Hats
Sabian 16 Crash
Sabian 14 Crash
Zildjan 20 Ride
Universal Percussion Congas

Studio B

Mackie SR32.4 Mixing Console
Tannoy Monitors
Tascam DA20 MK II Micro Cassette player
Tascam 301 Tape Deck
3x Ampex ATR 700 Analog Reel to Reel
Ampex 440 Stereo Recorder
Panasonic sv 3700 Digital Audio Tape Deck
Technics Quartz Direct Drive Turntable System
DBX 157 Declinear Noise Reduction System
Orban / Parasound Parametric Equalizer
Orban Dynamic Sibilance Controller
Alesis 3630 Dual Compressor
2 96 point patch bays
Gentner Phone Patch

Sonar X2
Waves Full Plugin Package

Studio C

Mackie 1604VLZ3 16 Channel Mixer
Tannoy Monitors
Spectral Synthesis Digital Audio Converter.
Tascam DA30 MK II
JVC XL 2232 Compact Disk Player
AIWI Stereo Cassette Deck
Berhinger Composer Pro Dual Compressors
Genter Phone Patch
Fostex Model 20 Reel to Reel
Telos Zephyr ISDN


Sonar X2
Waves Full Plugin Package

Cleared Music

American Music Company
Dewolf Music Library
Complete Sound Effects Library